How to go from negative to positive thinking

How to go from negative to positive thinking

The way we think impacts the way we feel. If we’re constantly consumed with negative thinking, take a guess at what your daily feelings are going to be like. It’s easy, right? Think positive thoughts, and by definition, you will have more positive days. But, our brains are a little more complex than that.

If it could very well be this simple, one might ask: “why can’t everyone do it?”

The simple answer: “because negative thinking for some has become a reflex, much like breathing."

Negative thinking is a learned behavior. You may have picked it up when you were younger from a caregiver. Whatever the case may be, know that negative thinking can be replaced with positive thinking through a lot of intentional practice and self-analyzation.

First let’s assess if you’re engaging in some of the most common negative thinking patterns.

Filtering: Magnifying the negative over the positive.

Personalizing: Blaming yourself when something bad occurs.

Catastrophizing: Anticipating the worst.

Polarizing: Not seeing a middle ground. Things are either all good or all bad.

It takes practice to step out of the negative thinking patterns we’ve been tricking ourselves to engage in.

Here are a couple of ways to begin a route towards more positive thinking today:

1. Surround yourself with positive people. They exist, and their contagious.
2. Unfollow any social media account that isn’t uplifting and inspiring.
3. Exercise. Working out is proven to release “the happy chemical” in our brain.
4. Practice positive self-talk. Don’t say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a best friend.


Don’t expect to become a positive thinker overnight. However, with practice you will notice how slowly your negative thinking will begin to change into a more positive tone.

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