How to manage our thoughts and emotions

How to manage our thoughts and emotions

Often we become entangled in the labyrinth of our emotions. However, making decisions based solely on emotion can leave us regretting our actions. Bipolar Disorder is known as an illness that can distort our thinking patterns and behavior. For this reason, I find it of upmost importance to navigate my thoughts correctly before acting on an emotion.

But, how?

How does one successfully “micromanage thoughts and emotions?” Is it even possible?

It is, in fact very possible to manage our emotions based on our thoughts. In other words, we can assess the quality of our emotions based on what we’re thinking, and then decide if our emotions are rational or irrational before acting upon them.

Let me break this down further. Let’s say you ran out of milk and need to run to the supermarket. This might sound like a simplistic example but hear me out. You really need to go to the supermarket, but you suddenly feel anxious about going. You think about all the people that may be there; and what if you run into someone you know? You will then have to engage in conversation, and you truly are not in the mood for small talk.

In this example, let’s analyze the thoughts. First of all, you’re afraid of running into someone you know because you don’t want to engage in small talk. This thought is irrational because you’re predicting the future. You don’t know if anyone you know is truly going to be there. You’re also concerned about the amount of people that will be there, which perhaps you’re also wrong about. But, even if you were right and there were a lot of people at the supermarket, none of them are there to bother you, they’re simply there to take care of their own needs.

Our thoughts can tangle us in such a way that we become unable to move. In this scenario, if you fall into the trap of listening to your irrational thinking, you’re more than likely going to once again fall into this pattern of thinking every time you have to go to the supermarket, because our brains get accustomed to our patterns of thinking. If we don’t correct them when necessary, we become a puppet to our various emotions and irrational thinking patterns.

Start getting into the habit of questioning yourself. Does this make sense? Am I acting based on irrational emotions? Is my thinking causing me to lash out at people? When we get into the habit of questioning ourselves we regain control and power over our minds. The most valuable thing you can have in life is a managed mind.

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