Pain is temporary

Pain is temporary

Pause -- Breathe -- Repair your Universe -- Proceed

PAIN IS TEMPORARY: but these words hardly mean anything when you're going through pain, because pain is unique to it's sufferer. What I can share with you is the experience I have accumulated through my own pain.

Truth is, pain is inevitable, and running away from it only feeds it's control over you.

I remember times I've wanted to quit, because I really didn't think my body nor mind could take much more. I was wrong, and underestimating my strength & inner ability to evolve. This happens often when we're suffering. We think we're in pain because we are weak. Truth is, we're suffering because we're human and each and every one of us, struggle & suffer in our own ways.

If there is one "quote" or anecdote that applies to anyone going through pain, is that -- "if you set your mind to it, you may get through it." I say (may) because nothing in life is certain.

There is only one certainty in life: You can always give more, try harder, & be better. I don't care who you are, there is always room for improvement no matter where you're currently standing in life.

So, if you follow this advice: that is to believe that you can always try harder-- there is no reason why you should ever quit trying to transform your life into whatever it is that gets you smiling.

Ps. This picture was taken this Sunday, & at the time I took it I realized I had not been this content with my life in a very long time. I remember all the times that I thought my life could not get better...& look at this...look how absolutely wrong I was. I hung out this day with my best friend, & we had the most incredible time, staying in the moment & appreciating life for exactly what it is --- fleeting moments, that should never be wasted. 

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