You should aim to strive not just "survive" with bipolar

You should aim to strive not just "survive" with bipolar

The other day I was browsing through Instagram, sipping coffee and trying to learn from the many inspirational people on the platform, and I bumped into something that stunned me. The post went something like this: "People with Bipolar Disorder don't need to worry about success, they should only worry about whether or not their illness is stable and this should be their definition of success."

First of all, WTF.

Second of all, gee thank you for setting the bar extra low.

So, you mean to tell me, that it's perfectly fine if I don't aim for my goals and aspirations simply because I'm bipolar, and a large portion of my time has to be dedicated to managing my mood episodes. Don't get me wrong, I understand the sentiment this person who shall remain nameless was trying to present, however, it sends the wrong message to the bipolar community. 

What shocked me further, was the amount of people this post had that were agreeing. Some gave thanks, because they claimed to be feeling less unaccomplished and more in control. 

Now, before you think I'm a completely insensitive person who deserves to be burnt at the stake, let me elaborate my point. 

For as long as I remember, I have been someone who believes that feeling sorry for yourself or anyone is probably the worst feeling you can evoke. This exact message is what this person communicated by stating that our lives purpose should be reduced to merely caring for our mental illness. It is illogical to suggest that people who suffer from bipolar have no responsibility in the world other than themselves and their illness. It's almost selfish to say that your sole purpose is to manage yourself. Assuming this to be true, is to assume that we as people who are bipolar have basically no function in society. 

Here's a fact, you have as much responsibility as anyone else to find your purpose, to live a life with meaning, and to be part of society, not by merely surviving, but by striving. Being Bipolar is difficult, it's practically a full-time job to take care of yourself, manage your mood episodes, and remain calm and collected. But, living a fulfilling life, one where you do more than just care for yourself, and your moods, is possible, and not only is it possible, it's necessary. 

Do me a favor: Don't let anyone on the internet or in real life make you feel like you have no responsibility beyond your illness. Don't let anyone reduce you to a medical statistic. But, most of all, don't ever let anyone make you feel like you can't accomplish your aspirations simply because you are bipolar. 

With love & Light,
Marlen Martinez

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Very good post! I can relate. As a bipolar 1 warrior, I hated feeling like all I am good for is managing my illness. Well, if I had stayed in that frame of mind, I wouldn’t have moved away from home, graduated from college, or lived on my own with a full time job. Bipolar is not just something we live with, it’s something we thrive with. We have to make it our strength and not our crutch. <3

Rebecca Colvin

Keep your posts coming!

Derek Becker

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