What does a life coach do?

Before anything, let's make something clear: A Life Coach is not a replacement for a doctor nor a therapist. If you suffer from Bipolar Disorder and are currently not seeing neither a doctor nor a therapist I urge you to do so. 

A doctor diagnoses your illness, and provides medication to balance your mood. A therapist, typically works with you by using cognitive behavioral therapy which has been proven to be excellent for mood disorders. Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on helping you understand how you think and function in order to help you identify patterns of bad habits and behavior. 

So, where does a life coach come in, and how can they help? 

A certified life coach is someone who helps you achieve results. They focus on the future and your current situation, and help you move forward. By identifying your limiting beliefs, a coach, guides a conversation with adequate questions that help pave the way into your future. A life coach does not focus much on the past, for their main goal is to focus on your future goals. 

For example, let's say you've already been diagnosed bipolar by your doctor, and are going to therapy in order to resolve past trauma, however, you want to build a plan to move forward and accomplish your goals. In this case, you may seek the help of a certified life coach. With these three professionals you would be fully equipped to find balance. 

How do I specifically help my clients conquer their goals? 
All my clients are unique, and they all come to me with unique needs. This is why I work alongside my clients in order to develop a tailored plan for their specific goals. Aside from this, if needed, we go over the following: 

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